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Standard Washers

Standard Washers

XC Washer & Stamping is your manufacturer for standard washers in CHINA.

Special Washers

Special Washers

XC Washer & Stamping is your manufacturer for special washers in CHINA.

Metal Stampings

Metal Stampings

XC Washer & Stamping Is your manufacturer for top-quality metal stampings in CHINA.

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Flat Washer & Metal Stamping Manufacturer in CHINA

Since 2002, Jiaxing XC Washer Co.,Limited has manufactured standard flat washers, hardened washers and metal stampings. Materials include low carbon steel (mild steel) , medium carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper alloys and other special stampable materials.

Professional fasteners knowledge, efficient operation and quality assurance are why importers will choose XC Washer & Stamping.

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5 Keys to XC Washer & Stamping

Customer comment

Just received the goods and the quality of flat washer is good

Rob, importer, USA

Already Received the sample, no problem with the test

Andrew, distributor, USA

In 3 years of doing business with XC Washer & Stamping that always been my first choice for flat washer supplier

Helen, distributor, UK

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